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This is the home page for  We are a publisher of Free and Premium stock investment newsletters. This blog and website is meant to be a resource for stock and option market investors, traders, hedge funds, advisers, and other institutional clients.  We look for low priced stocks to buy that have traded on the major US stock exchanges for at least 5 years.  We do not consider penny stocks to buy.  We believe buying stock options are as safer bet than buying penny stocks.  We use a value and momentum stock picking strategy.  The investment opportunities highlighted focus on undervalued and overvalued stocks to buy and stocks to sell. The stock picks are provided within the themes of growth stocks, small cap stocks, and dividend paying stocks.  

We do not highlight opportunities in a Jim Cramer stock picks fashion, but in a consistent and methodical manner.  Since we scan over 6,000 companies every week, we find up and coming stocks well before many analysts and investors.  We rank our findings every week to identify the best extreme value stocks, which can also be viewed to be the best cheap stocks to invest in.   This ranking summarizes the best short term investment options.  The purpose of our Premium Newsletter is to share the best short term investments our algorithms can identify.  We are on the look out so our subscribers can find good companies to invest in.  If you are looking for the best way to invest 10000 dollars or the best way to invest 100k, we offer personalized direct service through our investment management business, Conner Management Group, at


Stock Option Basics - A Blending Of Investing & Gambling

The title of this post is "Stock Option Investing - The Easy Way To Blend Investing & Gambling".  Now just to be clear, we sometimes hear about an executive at a corporation receiving stock options as part of his total pay package.  Those stock options are completely different from the ones we will be talking about.  The stock options we will be talking about are traded on major exchanges, just like stocks.

The purpose of this post is to teach you the hard and fast basics for learning to buy stock options. As mentioned, stock options are contracts you can buy and sell just like a stock or a mutual fund.  Now buying them is not as simple as buying a stock, but its not complicated either.

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How To Find A Good Stock That Sparks Your Interest {Part 1}

How 'bout them Yankees…. those Cowboys .. those Lakers.  You get the point.  This is a typical conversation you hear when friends and families get together. Nothing is wrong with that.  Passion about winning and its journey, no doubt, is as old as mankind itself.

I've been noticing however that in this age of internet millionaires, more of us are wondering how can I personally win through stock investing.  We are wondering  "hmm… how can I get in on that business or one similar to it before it blows up (in a good way)?"  or "I'm not greedy.. I'd really like to just get on something that will make me a nice double digit return - you know, make a little something extra, without losing it all."

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Understanding Warren Buffett's Most Important Quote

You know,  Warren Buffett is The Man.  He is the EF Hutton of modern times.  When he speaks, people definitely listen.  He seems to have so many witty quotes floating out there on the internet, you almost wonder if he really has said them all. 

Here are some sharp and short ones that come to mind:

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Want To Beat Wall Street? - First You Need To Know Who Is Wall Street

You know when I graduated from The University of Chicago with my MBA in the early '90s.  I had a decent feel for what most of my classmates were pursuing as careers.  Many worked in consulting, many worked for large corporates, and many worked on "Wall Street".

Interestingly enough, while the consulting and corporate jobs seemed pretty straightforward. It took me years to really understand what the Wall Street jobs were and how they related to each other in the big scheme of things.

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