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How 'bout them Yankees ... {Part 1}

How 'bout them Yankees…. those Cowboys .. those Lakers.  You get the point.  This is a typical conversation you hear when friends and families get together. Nothing is wrong with that.  Passion about winning and its journey, no doubt, is as old as mankind itself.

I've been noticing however that in this age of internet millionaires, more of us are wondering how can I personally win through stock investing.  We are wondering  "hmm… how can I get in on that business or one similar to it before it blows up (in a good way)?"  or "I'm not greedy.. I'd really like to just get on something that will make me a nice double digit return - you know, make a little something extra, without losing it all."

cocktail party 2.jpg

How about this?

Scenario 1:  Two guys watching sports.  A commercial comes on.

          1st Guy:  Boy, I would love to buy some stock in THAT company.

          2nd Guy:  yeah, yeah , those Tesla cars look slick.  I hear you.

Scenario 2:  Couple watching TV

          Husband: Oh man.. these Allstate commercials with Mayhem are hilarious.

          Wife: Yeah,  Mayhem is a trip.. remember the one when he ...

          Husband (silently):  Hmm, I wonder how Allstate's stock has been doing?

Does the above sound familiar?  I'm sure we all have some friends and family members who wonder and just don't quite know how to take the next step.  There is a lot of "yeah.. yeah .. yeah" and "hmmm… I wonder …"  out there.   Conversations start with the general theme.. "Can I or should I get in on that stock or one similar to it?" and it goes nowhere.

It really doesn't have to be this way, especially today.  Once you know how, inside of a few minutes you can have a shortlist of stocks and their company websites for you to explore on your own or with the help of someone else.

I don't know why, but I've seen very few posts talk about just how easy it is to find out this information.  It's true that there are tons of websites out there where you can get this information, however over the past 10 years,  I still have not come across any site that provides it as well organized as well as Yahoo Finance: .  To my own amazement I wasn't able to find any YouTube Yahoo Finance videos I can recommend to drive this home.   Hopefully Yahoo will realize this and create a few.

Let's revisit Scenario 1, the guys watching sports.

1st Guy:  Hey man, its half time.. I read this blog article at on how to find out about investing in a company and similar ones real quick.  Lets get on the computer for a sec. { self promotion always a bad thing?, smile}

2nd Guy :  Alright.

1st Guy:  Opening up the browser. Check.  Typing in "Yahoo Finance" in the address bar. Check. Now.. lets see if this company is publicly traded, meaning we  can buy its stock.  Typing "TESLA" in the Look Up Box.. and look, here it is in the auto dropdown box… we're good .. Tesla is publicly traded and we can buy some of its stock. Pressing enter... and we're here. (see below)

2nd Guy:  Hey look at price chart… the stock has really been going up over the last two months…I wonder if its going to keep going up.

1st Guy: Who knows.  Maybe… Now lets get a quick overview of the company by clicking on the Profile Link on the left.


2nd Guy:  Check it out. (see below)  … and there is Mr. Elon Musk's name… I've seen him on tv a  bunch of times… He did look young...  I see he's 41 years old, CEO and on top of the world. Ok, so from here we've got a description of the company.. and  a link right to the Tesla Motors company website.

1st Guy:  Yup. Now watch this.  If we just click on the Industry Link -" Auto Manufacturers - Major" .  Then we click on this other link in the far left column "Company Index"  and we have found other companies in automotive business as well.


2nd Guy:  Cool (see below) …  So as expected, we know some of these names, Ford, Honda, a couple of others, but I've never heard of Tata?, Zap?? Those are car companies?

1st Guy:  I guess so.  I haven't heard of them either.  Hey, lets write down these 4 other names we don't know, look up their company websites and talk about them tomorrow afternoon.  Maybe some of them can get just as hot as Tesla.

2nd Guy:  Bet.  Sounds like a plan. 


And so,  in a matter of 5 mouse clicks (10 minutes maximum),  you've opened up your world .  You've discovered possible hidden gems for investment - in an area that sparks your interest. Maybe you'll like their businesses after reviewing their websites, maybe you won't.  These were the steps followed for finding other auto manufacturers, but the same steps apply for ANY company and industry.

Notice this.  We haven't talked about ANY financial vocabulary or terms that might be unfamiliar to you that might appear on these Yahoo Finance pages.   And that's because its not important for you at this stage.  Beta, P/E, EPS, Market Cap, etc. : yes, they have importance, but on this first pass, just not right now.  At this point, just find out if you like the company and its likely near term future.  If you want to look at something, just look at price chart for deeper questioning later.  Has the stock been going up? going down? up and down? - wonder why.

Just for kicks, here is Allstate's recent price chart.  It looks like having Mayhem as a partner can be quite profitable if you’re in the right business *Smile*