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This is the home page for  We are a publisher of Free and Premium stock investment newsletters. This blog and website is meant to be a resource for stock and option market investors, traders, hedge funds, advisers, and other institutional clients.  We look for low priced stocks to buy that have traded on the major US stock exchanges for at least 5 years.  We do not consider penny stocks to buy.  We believe buying stock options are as safer bet than buying penny stocks.  We use a value and momentum stock picking strategy.  The investment opportunities highlighted focus on undervalued and overvalued stocks to buy and stocks to sell. The stock picks are provided within the themes of growth stocks, small cap stocks, and dividend paying stocks.  

We do not highlight opportunities in a Jim Cramer stock picks fashion, but in a consistent and methodical manner.  Since we scan over 6,000 companies every week, we find up and coming stocks well before many analysts and investors.  We rank our findings every week to identify the best extreme value stocks, which can also be viewed to be the best cheap stocks to invest in.   This ranking summarizes the best short term investment options.  The purpose of our Premium Newsletter is to share the best short term investments our algorithms can identify.  We are on the look out so our subscribers can find good companies to invest in.  If you are looking for the best way to invest 10000 dollars or the best way to invest 100k, we offer personalized direct service through our investment management business, Conner Management Group, at



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  • is a property and brand of Conner Management Group, LLC.
  • At Conner Management Group we believe in empowering & inspiring stock investors and making the world a better place. We are a SEC Registered Investment Advisor. The firm is a managed account investment manager and electronic publisher of weekly free and premium stock investment newsletters and reports, as well as a weekly podcast (The Growth and Value Podcast - CMG Stock Picks). Our services are promoted through our online properties ,, (under development), and the major social media websites.  Our podcast can be readily found on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.
  • The objectives of the firm are (1) to provide above average investment return performance advisory services, and (2) to provide a high quality investment management service that leverages the latest available communication technologies.
  • The impetus behind the company's formation was creation and performance of its own self-developed proprietary algorithms which review, analyze, and rank over 6,000 stocks weekly to identify the most undervalued and most overvalued stock investment opportunities based on (1) historical performance, (2) future outlook, and (3) market environment. The only stocks considered for investment by the firm have traded on the major exchanges for at least 5 years. The firm does not review nor invest in IPO's, penny stocks, or thinly-traded stocks.
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